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ABB on-line process gas chromatographs (PGCs) are comprised of three series: The PGC1000, PGC2000 E2 and the PGC5000. The PGC1000 is a field-mounted PGC and measures C1 through C9+ hydrocarbons, inert gases, and H2S in various HPI streams. The PGC2000 E2 measures discrete hydrocarbons up to C26 in HPI streams. This base PGC is also used in specialty analyzers for measuring fuel Sulfurs and speciates Sulfurs, refinery distillation analysis and temperature programmed analyzer for measuring hydrocarbon streams with a wide range of boiling points. The PGC5000B is used to measure up to C26 in simple applications with a fixed set of features.

The ABB PGC1000 is an economically priced field mounted gas chromatograph (no shelter required) using two analytical trains per analyzer that enable measurements of C1 through C9+, inerts and H2S in various Hydrocarbon Processing Industry (HPI) streams.

- C6+ component analysis with five minute analysis time
- Four streams with manual cal or three streams with auto cal
- Dual Calibration streams capability
- Class 1, Division 1, Group C and D classified enclosure
- Operating Temperature Range 0-130 degrees Fahrenheit
- Low power consumption -- 6 watts nominal, 45 start-up
- Windows CE Operating System


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