Gas chromatograph / ECD / TCD / laboratory
PGC2005 ABB Measurement & Analytics


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    ECD, TCD

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Designed for specialty analysis for the separation of wide boiling range compounds, ABB PGC2005 Temperature Programmed Process Gas Chromatograph utilizes component separation to determine liquid or gas samples. This analyzer operates without supervision and automatically samples and analyzes process streams.

The temperature programmed oven assembly with detectors is contained inside an Isothermal oven. The flame ionization or thermal conductivity detector are positioned at the top of the temperature programmed oven. The continuous performance valve or liquid sample valve can be implemented within the Isothermal oven. A methanizer unit/air cleanup may be utilized. Capillary or packed type special columns, where sample separation takes place, are installed within the temperature programmed oven. The columns contain special packings separating the compounds for analysis.


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