mass flow meter / thermal / for gas / in-line
Sensyflow FMT400-VTS ABB Measurement & Analytics



  • Technology:

    mass, thermal

  • Fluid:

    for gas

  • Other characteristics:

    in-line, ATEX, rugged

  • Process pressure:

    40 bar (580.15 psi)

  • Process temperature:

    Min.: -25 °C (-13 °F)

    Max.: 300 °C (572 °F)


Sensyflow FMT400-VTS is a robust and variable designed flowmeter for direct mass flow measurement of gases and gas mixtures with known composition as process engineering version.
Sensyflow FMT400-VTCS is the hygienic version for the food and beverage industry and pharmaceuticals. It is suitable for CIP and SIP applications.

The devices of the Sensyflow FMT400-series operate according to the thermal measuring principle of a hot film anemometer. This measuring method determines the gas mass flow directly. Taking the standard density of the gases into consideration, the standard volume flow rate can be displayed without additional pressure and temperature compensation.

The measuring systems of the FMT400 series are made up of a transmitter, flowmeter sensor and a pipe component. The transmitter directly delivers an electrically isolated 0/4 to 20 mA output signal.

The flowmeter sensor is designed as flange-mounted and is installed in the pipe component in a defined way. It is also possible to install the flowmeter sensor in square ducts or pipes of any diameter by using a weld-on adapter.