RTD temperature sensor / thermocouple / with thermowell / ATEX
SensyTemp TSP100 ABB Measurement & Analytics


  • Technology:

    RTD, thermocouple

  • Other characteristics:

    with thermowell, ATEX

  • Applications:


  • Temperature:

    Min.: -196 °C (-320.8 °F)

    Max.: 600 °C (1112 °F)


The ABB TSP100 Temperature Sensor is designed mainly for pipe and tank engineering. It is ideal for low and medium process requirements, main process connections and control systems. It communicates readings through various compatible systems, namely, FOUNDATION Fieldbus, PROFIBUS PA, HART, 4-20mA or direct seonsor output. The TSP100 is built with a welded protection tube, and is certified by ATEX EEx i and Dust-EX.


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