three-phase AC drive / floor-standing
ACS800-04M ABB Motors Drives and Power Electronics



  • Type:


  • Mounting:


  • Power:

    Min.: 55,000 W

    Max.: 560,000 W

  • Current:

    Min.: 214 A

    Max.: 720 A


The ACS800-04M Single drive module from ABB operates with a power range of 45 kW to 1900 kW. This variant has frame sizes R7 and R8, and it's very close to the R7 & 8 ACS800-04 version, but with more diversity. Due to that, its modification settings are also different. Aside from the normal bookshelf mounting, the ACS800-04M can also be mounted flat or sideways to compensate for the applications where the space is only limited. Also offered is the model where connections to the motor are below the module, which opens the possibility of operating in a narrower space.

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