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PCS100 UPS-I ABB Motors Drives and Power Electronics

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off-line UPS / industrial off-line UPS / industrial - PCS100 UPS-I


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The ABB industrial UPS or PCS100 UPS-I is a short-time rated, offline storage solution that complements the ABB PCS100 AVC product. It uses the energy stored to make the system or downstream load remain operational through very deep sags reaching a 30-second duration or short outages.

The actual ride-through time will depend on the capacity and the load of the storage system. This may include flywheels, film capacitor, super capacitors, electrolytic capacitors and batteries. The system's short-term performance improves because of the revolutionary inverter-commutated utility disconnect.

This allows the UPS to quickly interrupt the connection. The UPS will then take over the system load while keeping the disturbance of the connected load to a minimum. The PCS100 UPS-I can be connected to the PCS100 AVC and the combination of ride-through storage protection and voltage regulation protects against power disturbance.