over-voltage protection relay / under-voltage / panel-mount / for motors
REU610 IEC ABB Oy Distribution Automation



  • Measured/monitored value:

    over-voltage, under-voltage

  • Other characteristics:

    panel-mount, for motors


Relion® REU610 is actually a voltage IED intended for system volt safety, calibrating as well as managing within utility as well as commercial energy devices. As an element of the actual 610 series IEDs REU610 is actually licensed with regard to underwater as well as off-shore usage through Det Norske Veritas (DNV). REU610 is able to match for supply substation busbar over-voltage as well as under-voltage safety. It also fits as well for feeder as well as energy transformer over-voltage safety, engine under-voltage safety, in addition to capacitor bank safety and also oversight.

This voltage IED initializes automated substation busbar conversion as well as disconnecting little energy models belonging to the public system (islanding).