Electromechanical relay / differential / protection / panel-mount
RED615 IEC ABB Oy Distribution Automation


  • Type:

    electromechanical, differential

  • Function:


  • Form:



The Relion® RED615 is perfectly harmonized for overhead line and cable feeders in utility abd industrial power distribution networks. It is a phase-segregated, two-end, line differential protection and control IED. One RED615s communicates between substations over a fibre-optic link while two RED615s can form a categorically selective unit protection scheme. With three RED615, a pure line differential protection configuration with overcurrent back-up stages and two extended configurations with additional protection functions are available. Additionally, it offers a set of condition monitoring features which incorporates native IEC 61850 implementation covering both vertical and horizontal communication. It offers an optional second Ethernet bus which enables the creation of a self-healing Ethernet ring topology and supports supports DNP3, IEC 60870-5-103 and Modbus® offering a customizable single line mimic diagrams (SLD) with position indication for the switching devices.


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