Voltage protection relay / panel-mount / digital / programmable
REF630 IEC ABB Oy Distribution Automation


  • Measured/monitored value:


  • Other characteristics:

    panel-mount, digital, programmable


Relion® REF630 IED is constructed to be world-class for managing utility and distribution substations. It is built to protect, manage as well as measure and supervise at the feeder-level with the control function feature.

The function portfolio is comprehensive and can be programmed for four pre-stated feeder levels. The factory-settings can also be tweaked for end-use requirement, with the add-on select functions.

Relion® REF630 is built to monitor five qualities of power - Voltage variation, unbalance, harmonics as well as voltage harmonics features. The winning feature for this equipment, however, is the Fault Location function, which identifies short circuits.


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