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electric positioner / rotary / 1-axis / parts
IRBP L series ABB Robotics



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  • Payload:

    300 kg, 600 kg, 1,000 kg, 2,000 kg, 5,000 kg (661.387 lb)


This positioner is suitable for robotcells requiering one or two positionars and for workpieces requiring rotation on one axis to access optimal process position.
The IRBP L, which comes in five versions, is designed to handle workpiece loads and fixture up to 5,000 kg. It is modularly designed with four main components - rotary unit, stand for rotary unit, tailstock and support beam.
There is also a possibility to use the rotary unit separately as part of integrated customized solutions.
The modular design with few and heavy-duty moving parts and minimal maintenance demands make the IRBP L very service friendly.