video corpo cad

process control system / force / torque / for robots
ABB Robotics



  • Function:

    process, force, torque

  • Product applications:

    for robots


This package is a starting kit for those customers who would like to integrate the application/process themselves. The offer includes mounting of the sensor, testing and verification, as well as having the cable package integrated on the robot. This option will eliminate the basic setup of the system that has a large risk of being costly in terms of time and resources, affecting the final result if not done properly.
The basic Function Package includes:
- RW Machining FC
- Graphical User Interface (GUI)
- DAQ Board
- Force/Torque sensor
- Cable Package
- Assembled, tesetd and verified
The Function Package Force Control is available for: IRB 140, IRB 2400, IRB 4400, IRB 6600, IRB 6620 and IRB 7600.

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