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programming software / engineering / tracking / palletizing
PickMaster™ series ABB Robotics



  • Function:

    programming, engineering, tracking, palletizing, packing

  • Applications:

    for robotic applications, packaging line

  • Type:



PickMaster™ is the ABB Packaging software that simplifies the robot integration in picking, packing, palletizing and material handling.
Packaging the easy way
The main benefit is to save time in the engineering phase where the need of robot programming is reduced to a minimum. The software is loaded with application tools that make it easy to meet the customer requirements.
There are two PickMaster products to choose from, PickMaster 3 and PickMaster 5. Both are using the same graphical design concept and software structure so that users easily can understand both products.
- PickMaster™ 3 for high speed picking
- The PickMaster 3 includes advanced vision technique and tightly integrated conveyor tracking capability. The integrated vision system is advanced and open to communicate with any external sensor (line scanners, color vision, 3D etc.).
- PickMaster™ 5 for rapid palletizing
- The PickMaster 5 is the software for palletizing applications. built on more than 10 years of palletizing experience, combining experience with modern highly flexible software.