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articulated robot / 4-axis / handling / palletizing
IRB 660 ABB Robotics



  • Type:


  • Number of axes:


  • Function:

    handling, palletizing

  • Other characteristics:

    high-speed, short cycle time, for harsh environments, floor-mounted

  • Field:


  • Payload:

    250, 180

  • Reach:


  • Repeatability:



Because of its express-of-the-craft 4-axes style, clients can anticipate a fast unit that mixes a 3.15 gauge get to using a 250 kg payload, which makes it well suited for palletizing crates, more, bags, bottles and boxes. The truth is, ABB is placed to strengthen its place as being the only international dealer of total robot-structured wrapping range automation. Dependable - Substantial creation up time The IRB 660 is noticeably more quickly than its precursor. Its improved electric motor motion and power functionality guarantee drastically smaller pattern periods than contesting goods. Quick - Simple pattern instances Normal packing application Correct - Constant components top quality Excellent situation repeatability (± .03mm) and extremely great course accuracy and reliability. Powerful - Maximized usage High-speed model equipped to handle 180 kg at complete pace, as well as a 250 kg edition for top by means of-place with 3.15 m achieve Sturdy - Tough creation setting The robot’s tough style and Ip address 67 tightness...

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