four-stroke engine turbocharger / for diesel engines / for gas engines / power generation
TPL-A ABB Turbocharging



  • Type:

    four-stroke engine

  • Engine:

    for diesel engines, for gas engines

  • Applications:

    power generation, for marine applications

  • Performance:


  • Other characteristics:


  • Engine power:

    Max.: 12,500 kW (16,995 hp)

    Min.: 2,500 kW (3,399 hp)


High on efficiency, low on running costs

The TPL-A was developed for four-stroke diesel and gas engines with outputs of 2,500 kW to 12,500 kW. It is used on ships and power generations that require high power, increased efficiency and reduced emissions. This turbocharger offers high efficiency with low fuel consumption and thermal loading.