power contactor / electromagnetic / 4-pole / 3-pole
B7/BC7 series ABB



  • Function..:


  • Technology..:


  • Electrical characteristics..:

    4-pole, 3-pole

  • Other characteristics..:

    auxiliary, miniature

  • Current:

    20 A

  • Load voltage..:

    Min.: 400 V

    Max.: 690 V


ABB mini contactors are compact and powerful contactors. They are ideally suited for applications where reliability is a must and space is at a premium. The dimensions, technical features and the variety of the assortment provide customers a high flexibility in a wide-range of applications.

The range offers 4-pole mini contactors and 3-pole mini contactors with auxiliary contact up to 5.5 kW (AC-3) and 20 A / 690 V (AC-1) with various contact combinations.