temperature regulator signal converter / galvanically-isolated
CC-U series ABB



  • Signal type:

    temperature regulator

  • Other characteristics:



The analog signal converters are ideally suited to the requirements of measuring and processing electrical and physical values.

Conversion, measurement and isolation of:

Standard signals (0 - 10 V, 4 - 20 mA, etc.)
Temperature signals of RTD sensors like PT 10, PT 100, PT 1000
Temperature signals of thermocouples like TC.K, TC.J, TC.T, TC.S, TC.E, TC.N, TC.R., TC.B
Measurement of current and voltage signals

CC - U product range for analog signal processing

8 different standard signal outputs on one device
Input and output side universally configurable
Also available with 2 threshold relay outputs
Adjustment and operating elements on the front side
Safe operation by electrical 3-way isolation (1.5 kV)
Plug-in connecting terminals