earth-leakage monitoring relay / DIN rail
CM-xxx series ABB



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    DIN rail


The high reliability of an IT system is guaranteed by a continuous monitoring of the resistance between the system and the earth potential. An insulation monitoring of the CM-IWx range recognizes these so called insulation faults and trips as soon as the measured value of the resistance between the system and earth potential falls below the set threshold. By using an insulation monitoring relay already the first insulation fault will be detected and can be fixed before a second fault occurs and forces the IT system to switch off.
The highly sophisticated CM-S and CM-N ranges in ABB’s new S and N range housings offers two different types of connection terminals and is ideally suited for universal use. Double-chamber cage connection terminals make it possible to connect wires up to 2 x 2.5 mm2 (2 x 14 AWG), rigid or fine-strand, with or without ferrules. Potential distribution does not require additional terminals.

Easy Connect Technology:
Innovative push-in connection terminals for tool-free installation. The connection is gas-proof and has the same direction as the double-chamber cage connection terminals.

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