operator terminal with keyboard / floor-standing / control / visualization



  • Interface:

    with keyboard

  • Mounting:


  • Applications:

    control, visualization


Increased situation awareness and reduced downtime in a health improvement micro environment that puts the control room operator in focus.

The Extended Operator Workplace (EOW) offers unparalleled ergonomics, visualization and communication solutions for operators. The EOW-x ensures operator alertness, and when action is needed; keeps the essential functions at the operator’s fingertips.

Designed to support effective interaction in a 24/7 environment:

- Plant visualization and information all in one view.
- Process overviews on close-by large interactive panels.
- One fast-acting functional keyboard for controlling the complete operator environment.
- Control room space reduction by around 30% or more
- Improved plant-wide collaboration and optimization.
- Increased applicant appeal and job satisfaction.

The sets of monitors are mounted in a way that enables both a focused and a general view of operations. Desk and monitor height, and secondary monitors’ angle are motorized and adjustable to ensure an ergonomic and customized operator environment.