precipitation sensor
WSX53G06 Abbey Electronic Controls

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precipitation sensor precipitation sensor - WSX53G06


WSX53 replaces the WSX43. It detects all forms of precipitation (rain, snow, hail, sleet). It is able to discriminate between rain and snow. It has two volt-free change-over contacts which are activated in response to precipitation and snow-point temperature respectively. A post event delay can be applied to delay contact deactivation by 15, 30 or 45 minutes. Requires 6V AC or DC. Available also in 12V, 24V or 48V.

Connection is via cable glands which is located under the controller.

WSX53 can be used in many systems such as

Building Automation
Plant Automation
Commercial and Residential Homes
Weather Centres
Sprinkler Control (see WSX53B)
Agricultural use, etc.
De-icing and drying systems