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ABM SINOCHRON®Motors are permanently excited synchronous motors. In comparison to common induction motors they feature outstanding efficiency, high power density and compact dimensions.

SINOCHRON®Motor design features almost perfect sinusoidal distribution of the magnetic flux. With this unique property SINOCHRON®Motors are perfectly suited for sensorless operation and offer an economical alternative to expensive servo drives. Concurrently they boast better dynamic behavior and efficiency than induction motors.

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Founded in the year 1927, the company ABM Greiffenberger has developed into the leading systems supplier for motors, gear units and converters. With our committed employees, sales and production branches worldwide and a production capacity of about 300,000 drives per year, we have not forgotten what made us big: customer proximity and innovative systems solutions in best quality – because the customer comes first.

We do not only focus on the production with its global quality standards, but also on the development. Thanks to this specific know-how, to our own production facilities, our modularly constructed, wide product range as well as a professional supply chain, it is possible to accompany and support our customers effectively from the design phase until far into the implementation phase. Service and support also have a high priority and are a firm component of our ambitious philosophy of quality.

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