single-girder overhead traveling crane



  • Type:


  • Lift capacity:

    Max.: 10 t (11 us ton)

    Min.: 5 t (6 us ton)


If an excellent craning system that is sought after, get this Single-girder overhead travelling crane that has widespread connection for maximum capacity to adapt to the localized conditions. The high position of its hook makes it possible for it to travel long and wide distances for appropriate handling of the industrial material. It can easily handle bulk material up to 16 t to the maximum distance of 39 m even in the spaces have low ceilings.

This craning system comes with minimal hazards and complies with all safety clearances that are mandatory for crane top and factory roof. It has been designed with unique compactness that makes it easy to be maneuvered. The compact dimensions of ABUS crane girders allows to make for the best possible use of its height and reachability. Its single girder allows it to be used in versatile adaptation pertaining to various space and dimensions.