double-girder overhead traveling crane



  • Type:


  • Lift capacity:

    Min.: 40 t (44 us ton)

    Max.: 100 t (110 us ton)


The double girder overhead travelling crane by ABUS can be used with accessories which are easy to install, such as crab units with walkways or service platforms. It enables high cross and high travel speeds. The ABUS double girder travelling crane is perfect for handling heavy loads up to 120 tons as its two girders are much stronger than just one.

They are the best in terms of convenience, versatility and functionality, and various main girder connection versions are available which will suit new or existing buildings. Numerous accessories are also available for various special applications. The ABUS ZLV double girder travelling cranes include rolled section girders while the ZLK cranes include welded box girders. Enhanced strength and cost-efficiency are benefits of the computer-optimized sections used for the main girders and end carriages, which ensure low weight and high performance.