single-girder overhead traveling crane / hanging



  • Type:


  • Other characteristics:


  • Lift capacity:

    Max.: 8 t (9 us ton)

    Min.: 3 t (3 us ton)


This overhead travelling crane can be mounted to the factory ceiling for easy handling of industrial material. It can expertly maneuver bulky material even within constrained spaces and difficult conditions. This craning system enjoys preference due to the presence of its approachable dimension and cantilevers for meeting subjective demands and preferences. It can intelligently make use of all spaces.

Those factories that are complex in configurations can get the best possible results by deploying of ABUS underslung travelling cranes. The track of this crane can be mounted over the ceiling unlike others that are made to stand on building columns. This feature allows for efficient handling of material in all kinds of spaces.

This craning system can make industrial sector work efficiently by making the tasks of loading, unloading, lifting and transporting of bulky materials easier. With ability of working under all sorts of spaces, this innovative crane can work up to the load capacity of 8 to 25 t.