single-girder overhead traveling crane



  • Type:


  • Lift capacity:

    Min.: 6 t (7 us ton)

    Max.: 10 t (11 us ton)


There are ABUS single- and double-girder travelling cranes available. For optimum local condition adaptation, a wide selection of connection variants is available. Very high hook positions are possible. The single girder traveling cranes by ABUS allow for good material handling with spans up to 39m and load capacities up to 16tons – even in narrow spaces such as hallways with low ceilings.

With the compact dimensions of the girders and minimum safety clearance between the factor roof and the top of the crane, the available height can be made full use of, and the costs of a new building are reduced. The single-girder traveling cranes range comes with a variety of connection versions for versatility where adaptation to the dimensions and space. The compact designs allow high hook positions. Version 3 is the ideal choice for newer buildings, as it offers the smallest side approach.