aluminum pyrometer / without display / with laser pointer / USB
A5-EX Accurate Sensors Technologies Ltd



  • Display:

    without display

  • Other characteristics:

    USB, with laser pointer, high-accuracy, rugged

  • Applications:

    for aluminum

  • Temperature:

    Min.: 105 °C (221 °F)

    Max.: 2,500 °C (4,532 °F)


A5-EX is a Multi-wavelength plug and play pyrometer which uses application specific data base derived from years of experience in real application.A5-EX uses special algorithms to accurately calculate both the actual temperature and emissivity of the surface.A5-EX can hold multiple data base so that single instrument can be easily switched between multiple application like Molten metal,Extruded profiles,Rolled aluminum surface,Continuous casting,Aluminum billets,Slabs etc.

Key Features
- Simple to use - No calibration required
- High accuracy - (1%) in real site conditions
- Capable of measuring targets with variable emissivity
- Measures through smoke, dust, water vapor etc.
- Rugged design
- Full range of accessories
- Wide range of built-in functions
- A5-SW Application software for PC
- A5-SW A Mobile Application software for Android via Bluetooth

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