pneumatic clamping element / compact / modular
PN ACE Controls Inc.



  • Type:


  • Other characteristics:

    compact, modular

  • Clamping force:

    Min.: 1,400 N

    Max.: 36,000 N


Rod clamping with maximum clamping force
Pneumatic Rod Clamping
Holding forces 1,400 N to 36,000 N
Holding torques 15 Nm to 720 Nm

Immediate clamping in case of loss of pneumatics: Suitable for rods with diameters of 20 mm to 40 mm, the clamping elements LOCKED PN absorb the forces axially and rotationally. With holding forces of up to 36,000 N, they reach or exceed the levels of hydraulic clamps. The system costs are however lower.

Alongside clamping in both directions of motion, the LOCKED-PN also surprises with its compact design. They need less installation space and enable short rod lengths. Many users appreciate the modular system. It allows several segments to be stacked so that the necessary clamping force can be attained for every application.

The areas of application for the ACE product family LOCKED PN are mechanical engineering and machine tools.