concrete slab lifting clamp / vertical
Concretelift ACIMEX



  • Intended load:

    for concrete slabs

  • Other characteristics:


  • Load limit:

    Min.: 4 t (4.41 us ton)

    Max.: 35 t (38.58 us ton)


Like the lifting tongues designed by ACIMEX, the C-hook is a handling device used for moving and stacking breakwaters. After manufacture, on leaving the storage site, these concrete blocks are positioned to build coastal dykes.

The C-hooks, also called lifting Cs, that ACIMEX designs and manufactures can be fitted to a forklift truck, a bridge crane or a stacker. The size of the tongues is adjustable to transport concrete blocks of different sizes. The dimensions of C-hooks also vary, according to the customer's needs. For example, ACIMEX was recently contracted for the custom manufacture of models whose dimensions (3*3*3 metres maximum) permit the handling of concrete blocks weighing from 4 to 35 tonnes.