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Synchronous motor / permanent magnet
ACM engineering


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    permanent magnet


n the yachting world is increasing interest in hybrid and "full electric" traction systems.

ACM Engineering, in close collaboration with marine engineering companies, designs and manufactures synchronous permanent magnet electrical machines adapting their product to the needs of electrical and mechanical customer’s features.

During the last years we completed several projects that can be classified under two different engineering approaches: application motor/generator coaxial with diesel engine and propeller; applications using motor for azimuthal POD.

We have also developed an application in which the smallest power electric machine is directly coupled to the structure of Diesel engine. Again it is case the electrical machine will be traction motor and generator too. In this application the propeller shaft is coupled with the shaft of the electric machine and is made integral with the shaft of the diesel engine by applying a free-wheel. When the electrical machine operating as a generator, the diesel drag the generator’s shaft; while operating in electric-only traction the shaft of the electric motor is decoupling from that of diesel.


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