Portable vibration monitoring system

The VMS online monitoring system from ONEPROD is the most portable and best-adapted self-contained solution for versatile and condition-based maintenance of rotating machinery. VMS comes in the form of a case containing a ready-for-use MVX online monitoring system. Thus, the constraints of a permanent installation are circumvented, whilst maintaining the capability and embedded intelligence of ONEPROD continuous monitoring systems. With the portable VMS system, it is possible to monitor an at-risk machine on a temporary basis or carry out one-off evaluations at the site of the machine. Without the need for investment or the deployment of online solutions installed in situ on machines, VMS enables companies in the industrial sector to increase operational reliability through the use of a versatile tool that can be used on potentially problematic machines, each in turn, for improved monitoring.

VMS provides the ideal compromise between the wealth of information offered by the high-capacity ONEPROD systems, installation time, and autonomy of action. It is the perfect tool for condition-based maintenance specialists.


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