absolute pressure transmitter / thin-film / analog / flush diaphragm



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    flush diaphragm


Precont S20 and ExS20

Polysilicone resp. thin film sensor with metallic membrane, up to 1000 bar
Precision 0,5%
2-wire 4...20mA or 3-wire 0...10V technology
With LED-display and 2 PNP switching outputs
Certification for the use in explosive hazardous areas
High precise pressure measurement -1...1000 bar, relative and absolute
Front flush metallic membrane up to 600 bar
Up to 4-times overload resistance
Process temperatures from -40°C to +125°C
Rugged design - maintenance free
Electronic rotateable by 330 degree
2-wire 4...20mA or 3-wire 0...10V technology
2 PNP switching outputs
4-digit LED display
Fast adjustment by key combination or menue guided adjustment by LED display
Password protection
Certification for the use in explosive hazardous areas

The Precont S20 is used in all fields of proceeding and process technique.
The excellent characteristics like pressure strength, high chemical resistance, corrosion protection and insensitivity against temperature shocks allows the use in the hardest applications for the measurement of gases, steams and liquids.
The polysilicone resp. thin-film measurement sensor guarantees highest pressure ranges, good reproduceability and hysteresis, an up to 4 times overload resistance and a good long term stability.