sliding door / swing / folding / metal
Puertas Acústicas Especiales - RS Acústica Integral - Soundproofing



  • Type:

    sliding, swing, folding

  • Material:

    metal, glass

  • Applications:

    industrial, indoor

  • Other characteristics:

    large, acoustic, design, motorized, custom


Acústica Integral, manufacturer of the RS acoustic doors, is able to adapt to its clients’ requirements and to all kind of installations.The R&D department carries out the design and manufacture of special models whether for their dimensions or their shapes and finishes

Maximum adaptability. Acoustic and aesthetic results.


Imitation wood finish.
Special dimension doors.
Adaptation to existing works structures.
Frame and leaf rounded, inclined, etc.
Glazed sliding acoustic doors.
Doors with integrated ventilation louvers.
Double doors with unequal leaves