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precision balance / laboratory / analytical / counting
CY-C series Aczet Pvt Ltd.



  • Type:

    precision, laboratory, analytical, counting

  • Display type:

    with LCD display

  • Other characteristics:

    with internal calibration

  • Weight range:

    6,100 g, 3,100 g, 4,100 g, 2,200 g (215.2 oz)


Aczet's CY-C Series precision balances have most advanced features with Mono- Tech technology .

Aczet's Advanced Precision Balances includes many models to suit various precision weighing applications. Our precision balances come with all the intelligent capability you need for your daily routine application other than "Basic Weighing" in the lab and does it all reliably and precisely

Built-in application program other than basic weighing ease your routine lab work like,

- Piece Counting
- Percent Weighing
- Animal Weighing
- Formulation
- Totalization
- Check weighing
- Statistics
- Density Determination
Aczet precision balances comes with fully automatic internal calibration. Thanks to Perfect Self Automatic Calibration (PSAC) when ambient temperature changes by specific value or once defined time interval is elapsed it performs internal calibration fully automatically using internal weights, therefore balance ensure to deliver consistently accurate result.
Metal housing eliminates the effects of thunderstorms or electromagnetic inter-faience from other equipments. It also protects the weighing sensor from environmental influences which enhances the performance even with intensive use in harsh environments
High contrast LED backlit LCD display is exceptionally easy to read under any room lighting conditions with digit size 15 mm.
Only a single cable is required to transfer balance data to MS Excel or other Windows application through RS232C interface. No troublesome interface attachment or software installation is necessary. This unique feature makes Aczet balance extremely convenient for data analysis.