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metal analyzer / gold / benchtop
CY-GT series Aczet Pvt Ltd.

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metal analyzer / gold / benchtop metal analyzer / gold / benchtop - CY-GT series
  • Metal analyzer / gold / benchtop


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    metal, gold

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Aczet's Karat Tester evaluates the purity of Precious Metal including gold and Platinum by measuring the specific gravity.
It distinguishes the real gold and platinum from the fake material efficiently. Also it is useful to measure actual purity than that of marked without harming samples i.e. there are no scratches or stains left behind on the sample.
Unlike expensive metal analyzer it does not evaluate the purity of GOLD and PLATINIUM just from outer surface, it is most useful when you want distinguish complete gold or platinum from gold or platinum plated material.
User friendly operation yet very fast measurement it will not take more than 15 second to finish one measurement.
Higher weighing resolution including 0.001g and 0.01g gives you flexibility of measuring high accuracy in specific gravity and also possibility of measuring purity with lower sample weight.
Unlike other low resolution load cell sensor our karat tester are equipped with Magnetic sensor gives you reliable, accurate and repeatable weighing result which intern gives you very accurate purity measurements of precious metal.
Result can also be documented if connected with Aczet CPR 02 printer
You can also measure specific gravity (density) of any solid material other than precious metal.
Comparator function allows user to set the target result and compare the current evaluated result from target
Most economical in use since does not need any replacement of consumables like X ray etc.