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vehicle weighbridge / steel / rugged / electronic
WB Series Aczet Pvt Ltd.



  • Options:

    for vehicles, steel, rugged, electronic

  • Length:

    Max.: 18 m (59'00")

    Min.: 7.5 m (24'07")


Aczet manufactures Electronic Truck Weighbridges suitable for heavy duty weighing of bulk carriers used for highway transportation as well as for heavier off-road hauling applications in construction operations, mining etc.Our weighbridges are available in two configurations - Pit Type & Pitless Type - and in a wide variety of platform sizes and capacities. Weighbridges come with anti-skid steel decks fabricated with high tensile strength mild steel mounted on Strain Gauge based double-ended Shear Beam Loadcells that are hermetically sealed as per IP 68 standards. They are designed for rugged outdoor applications under extreme weather conditions. The system's user-friendly software is compatible with WINDOWS operating system and the load indicator and associated electronics can be conveniently located within a distance of 20 meters from the platform. Weighbridge Platform comes in Pit / Pitless composite type. It is Rust free & has Longer durability. No painting is required. It is completely maintenance free, more economical & trouble free as compared to steel weighbridge. It saves transport cost as it is constructed at the site.

Weigh Bridges are easy to install.
Standardized output:
Ideal for multi cell application.
Surge Voltage Protection (SVP) offers protection from lightning strikes.
No corner weight difference.
Load Cells are compiled with various quality standards such as CE, OIML & IP ratings.
Side load immunity.
Made in Steel Alloy.
Highly rugged and accurate.
Hermetically sealed - IP68.
Suitable for Wash Down applications.
Safe load limit: 150%