Electric power supply cable: flexible
AD Viganó

The cable is fit for explosion-proof electric plant and for the connection of portable or trasportable apparatus,conforming to the norm C El E N 60079-14, there is fire-proof conforming to the norm CEI 20-22.
Cable type FG70RAR flexible multicore under sheat, the insulation of the conductors is in P. V.C. type HEPR compound type G7, the coloration is conforming to rules CEI UNEL 00722-00725.
The inside conductors are in flexible red copper in class 5, between the conductors and the armor it is interposed P. V. C sheat fire retardant.
The armor is composed by galvanized steel braid with coverage of 80%. The external sheat is in grey P. V.C compound type Rz with the following print:
A.D. VIGANO'0,6/1 kVCEI 20-22II < CEmark>


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