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Explosion-proof electrical cable / copper
AD Viganó


  • Protection level:


  • Cable core material:



The cable is fit for explosion-proof electric plant and for the connection of portable ortrasportable apparatus,conforming
tothenorm CEI EN 60079-14, there is fire-proof conforming to the norm CEI20-22.
Cable type FG70RAR flexible multicore under sheat, the insulation of the conductors is in P.V.C. type HEPR compound
type G 7, the coloration is conforming to rules CEI UNEL 00722-00725.
The inside conductors are in flexible red copper in class 5, between the conductors and the armor it is interposed P.V.C
sheat fire retardant.
The armor is composed by galvanized steel braid with coverage of80%.
The external sheat is in grey P.V.C compound type Rz with the following print:
A.D. VIGANO' 0,6/1 kV CEI 20-2211 < year of construction


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