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Diaphragm valve / pneumatically-operated / sampling / regulating
AV-8 series Adamant Valves


  • Type:


  • Operation:


  • Function:

    sampling, regulating

  • Body:

    stainless steel

  • Applications:

    for tanks, sanitary

  • Other characteristics:


  • Temperature:

    121 °C (249.8 °F), 130 °C (266 °F)

  • Pressure:

    6 bar (87.02 psi)

  • DN:

    Min.: 1 in

    Max.: 2 in


AV-8 series constant pressure valve can ensure a stable pressure at both outlet and inlet. It is widely used in separators, heat exchangers, tank systems and other equipments. It also can be used as a relief valve.

Working Principle
Constant pressure valve is remotely operated by compressed air. The operation does not need any sensors; it only requires an air pressure regulator and a pressure gauge on pipeline for monitoring. A unique plunger design can make a rapid response to any pressure changes during the medium flow and changes stem position relatively to maintain the pre-set pressure. When the pressure increases, the valve opens; when the pressure decrease, the valve closes.

Design Standard

- AV-8 series constant pressure valve complies with DIN, 3A and ISO standards.
- The valve includes a valve body with seat, valve bonnet, a stem with a diaphragm and a clamp.
- Constant pressure regulating valve's inlet is 90° angle to the valve bottom, so as to minimize residue and facilitate cleaning. The plunger design allows less liquid flow and higher CIP flow.


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