Three-flap carton sealer / automatic / hot-melt glue
max. 80 p/min | 16B ADCO Manufacturing


  • Flaps:


  • Options:

    automatic, hot-melt glue


Featuring positive, continuous motion lugged carton transfer design, the new ADCO 16B is the right answer for your tri-seal carton closing needs. When it comes to speed, flexibility, footprint and value, the 16B hits the mark. Designed to seal a wide variety of carton shapes and sizes, the affordable 16B accepts cartons back-to-back at speeds up to 80 cycles per minute. No complex positioning systems needed here. ADCO’s time-tested lugged transfer design keeps positive control of the carton all the way through the closing and sealing operation. This reliable and simple to operate tri-seal carton closer is ideal for the most demanding and cost conscious production environments. Like all ADCO machines, the 16B is constructed in stainless steel and is available in both, standard and washdown configurations.


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