hydraulic calibration pump / high-pressure
Additel 938 Additel Corporation


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When it comes to oil-free pressure instruments, this item is by far one of the best solutions. In addition to the minimal maintenance required and ease of use, there are three pressure ports available and the quick connectors are hand-tight. The hydraulic pressure test pump is designed to allow calibration of oil-free pressure measuring instruments, in the range of 85% vacuum up to 1,000bar (or 15,000psi).

All the parts that were used in the pump have been cleaned carefully, in order to remove oil. The pump makes use of water as the medium, while the patented screw press technology and high pressures can be easily generated, as well as increased and decreased in a smooth way. The specially designed shut-off valve makes the pressure very stable during calibration and there is no check valve. The 938 also avoids the troublesome leakage issues that are normally experienced, while the items allow minimal maintenance.