WEEE recycling unit
max. 5 t/h ADELMANN Umwelt GmbH

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WEEE recycling unit WEEE recycling unit - max. 5 t/h


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The main components of recycling system for refrigeration devices and e-waste are a shredder, a separation unit for PUR foam, iron, synthetic material and aluminium/copper, a pelleting press and an exhaust air decontamination system. Before the refrigerators are broken up, the loose inner parts including glass, racks etc.and the mercury switches, if present, are taken out . This operation is followed by the disposal of the oil-CFC/Iso-butane-mixture that is done with the coolant suction system. Once the compressor is removed the refrigerator is automatically moved to the ADELMANN recycle system RPWW where the cutting unit of the two-shaft pre-shredder (AVZ) cuts it into circa 50 mm wide strips. Then the refrigerators are moved to the system located below, and broken into smaller 20 to 30 mm pieces by the ADELMANN-post-shredder (ANZ). Similarly, the household appliances (e-waste) are also moved from the first unit.