WEEE recycling unit
3 - 5 t/h ADELMANN Umwelt GmbH

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WEEE recycling unit WEEE recycling unit - 3 - 5 t/h


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The electronic scrap recycling plant consists of a separation unit, pre-shredder and a post-shredder. It provides a separation for shredded plastic, synthetic material, iron and aluminum/copper. In addition a CRT separation plant can be fitted in.
After the plant is fed with the electronic waste, all the loose parts such as glass, batteries, CRTs and cables are removed. The first step is cutting the e-waste into 50 mm wide stripes which are then manually separated from the hardened shafts, PCBs and capacitors. After that the waste is transported to a post shredder for shredding into the pieces that are less than 30 mm in dimension.
All the recyclable materials such as iron, aluminum plastic or copper are separated subsequently.