Replacement monitor for Bosch control
10.4 - 12.1" ADM electronic GmbH

The TFT industrial monitor is a modern concept to replace old or defective CRT's and TFT's mounted in control units CC200, CC220, CC220M, CC300 and CC320 by Bosch (compatible to Hüller Hille, Weiler DU 24 CNC, Trumagraph and Trumpf).

All Units are Made in Germany, using only high quality components. A mechanic housing, similar to the original Unit, makes it easy to exchange in just a few minutes.
The new display is plug&play 100% compatible to Bosch equipment.

TFT-display sizes:

* 10,4" TFT as a replacement for 12" CRT monochrome
* 12,1" TFT as a replacement for 14" CRT color
> MAC2014


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