lithium-ion batteries energy storage system
StoraXe® ads-tec



  • Other characteristics:

    lithium-ion batteries

  • Voltage:

    230 V


Lithium-ion battery storage systems Home & Small Business
The StoraXe® product portfolio Home & Small Business is designed for larger houses, multi-family homes as well as businesses and public institutions. The StoraXe® Home & Small Business solutions store excess PV energy and provide it at times when there is insufficient PV energy. This will make you independent of rising electricity prices.

SRS2019 / 2028 / 2047
The all-round, carefree storage solution for seamless integration in existing building installations

• 18,6 kWh / 27,9 kWh / 47 kWh
• ADS-TEC Energy management system (EMS)
• AC battery storage system with integrated inverter
• Integrated ADS-TEC Energy Management System (EMS)
• Fully fledged emergency power function in the event of power failure
• 3-phase, with up to 100 % unbalanced load in emergency power operation
• Network formation for self-sufficient, isolated systems
• 3-phase up to 100 % unbalanced load in emergency power supply mode
• Power Education for autonomous Grid Systems