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machine tool vise / steel / aluminum / center-clamping
CDV Advanced Machine & Engineering



  • Applications:

    for machine tools

  • Other characteristics:

    steel, aluminum, center-clamping, multi-person, machining


Designed to locate and mount on the industry standard 2" (50.8-mm) grid system, the Centering Dovetail Vise (CDV) allows for on-center-mounting, between-center-mounting, T-slot mounting, and Bridgeport mounting -- all with no additional subplate for tombstone mounting.
Featuring a centering accuracy of 0.001 ’ (0.025 mm) using AMROK’s locating pins, the CDV system meets a wide range of workholding applications with vises ranging from 3 to 23” (76-584 mm) long, and a clamping width up to 5’ (127 mm).
For aerospace and special applications, the vises can be mounted end-to-end for workpieces longer than 23". With working jaw heights in 0.125, 0.250, and 0.375" (3.175, 6.35, 9.53 mm), the CDV design allows for increased clamping force and exceptional load dispersion in harsh, high-torque cutting environments.
For most machining environments, the hard-anodized aluminum CDV are adequate; but for demanding, hard-metal machining, a standard 4340 alloy steel (RC-32-36) vise is available.