Centralized fume extraction and filtering system
FH, FV series A.E.R. Borne Environmental Systems


General Design, F Series Collectors:
AER Borne Environmental FV & FH Series Filter Media Collection systems were originally developed as a source capture system to control light mist with heavy amounts of dust generated in a cast iron machining operation. Shortly afterward the design was altered slightly to allow them to be used as general, ambient mist and dust collection systems. The immense flexibility of the system led to a variety of additional filter and blower modules creating a system that could be easily adapted to vertical or horizontal mounting configurations with filter stages and blower packages that could be easily customized to suit the specific filtration and airflow requirements of the application at hand. Additionally, should contaminants change due to process changes, filter modules can be easily added and/or existing ones altered to adapt to the changing conditions. A full line of accessories and options are available to simplify system installation.
In addition to being a stand-alone product line, F Series filter modules can also be used as blowerless filtration units for numerous applications such compressor intake air filtration, HVAC systems and existing exhaust systems as well as prefilters or afterfilters to other collection systems.


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