gas analyzer / nitrogen / argon / trace
100 series AGC Instruments



  • Measured entity:

    gas, nitrogen, argon

  • Measured value:


  • Configuration:

    for integration

  • Other characteristics:

    continuous, monitoring


The Series 100 Trace N2 Gas Analyzer is developed for the continuous monitoring of N2 in argon or N2 in helium. This analyzer is suitable for measuring with a range of 0-100ppm. A low detectable level of 10ppb is also achieved by the instrument. The analyzer's design is based on a previous model, the High Frequency Argon Discharge Detector (HFADD).

The device works in such a way that the nitrogen molecule's emission wavelength intensity determines the trace amount of nitrogen in argon or helium matrix gas. The response generated is proportional to the nitrogen concentration in low ppb to high ppm range.

The instrument is suitable for use in industries such as argon or helium purification plants, the steel industry, air separation plants, and welding gas manufacturing.