gas chromatograph / thermal conductivity detector / DID
NovaAIR 4000 GC AGC Instruments



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  • Detector type:

    thermal conductivity detector, DID


The NovaAIR 4000 GC System, using the Thermal Conductivity Detector (DID) is used for the precise analysis of the components in multiple gas mixtures at percentage and ppm levels. The NovaAIR GC is based on tried and tested technologies with in-depth reporting back to Control Room or DCS available. Some of the applications include measuring Helium in Neon, Argon and Nitrogen in Oxygen, ppm impurities in Argon and Nitrogen Pharmacopeia to name but a few. This universal detector, of which AGC Instruments is a leading supplier worlwide has been honed for a wide range of applications using the new NovaAIR GC system platform.