roll-fed thermoforming, punching and stacking machine / for packaging / automated / vacuum
ROTO series AGRIPAK srl



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    for packaging

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The ROTOFORMS1 and the S10 are made using two unit: the thermoforming machine and the horizontal cutting press, which operate separately in-line. These machines will thermoform by vacuum and/or compressed air and these units are actuated via the electro mechanical system that is driven using the servomotor which operates a set of toggles that is installed on to the movable platens of the forming press itself. This system allows for an extended production speed, which is not obtainable by other types of motion systems. The heating zones, along with the servomotors and the functions which determine the production cycle and they are controlled with simplicity by the PLC system. On the ROTOFORMS series with the horizontal cutting press that has a working speed which is three times greater than that of the thermoforming unit. This allows the use of a blanking tool which is 1/3 smaller, providing superior cost advantages.