pneumatic turbine / centrifugal / for shot blasting machines


  • Type:


  • Other characteristics:


  • Applications:

    for shot blasting machines

  • Rated power kW:

    Max.: 45 kW (61.18 hp)

    Min.: 18.5 kW (25.15 hp)


AGTOS high performance turbine 4.6 is a single-disc blasting wheel with six insert-able blades available with blasting wheel diameter of 420, 440 or 460 mm and drive mechanism provided by 18.5 to 45 kW motors. It can process blasting abrasive with a diameter of up to 3.5 mm and is used mainly to remove sand from cast parts and when there are large distances between turbines and large work pieces. Single-disc blasting wheels have fewer parts subject to wear than double-disc wheels, meaning less work is required for assembly and lower repair and maintenance costs. The blades are inserted in the carrier disc from the middle.


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