Shot blasting machine turbine
18.5 - 45.0 kW AGTOS GmbH

This aggregate is, like the smaller variant, a single-disc blasting wheel with six insertable blades. We offer these high-performance turbines with a blasting wheel diameter of 420, 440 and 460 mm. Motors from 18.5 to 45.0 kW provide the drive mechanism.

The AGTOS-high-performance turbine 4.6 can process blasting abrasive with a diameter of up to 3.5 mm. It is primarily used to remove sand from cast parts as well as when there are large distances between turbines and large work pieces.

The advantage of single-disc blasting wheels lies in the fact that fewer parts subject to wear are present than in double disc wheels. This means less work required for assembly and lower costs for maintenance and repairs. We will be glad to explain the difference to you in detail.

The blades are inserted in the carrier disc from the middle. An additional clamping disc covers the insertion opening and arrests the blades.

All internal parts of the turbines such as blades, impeller, conduit sleeve and the discs are made of wear-resistant material. Different variants are available and can be selected to match your use case.

The turbine housing consists of wear-resistant manganese steel and is protected from the inside by additional replaceable plates of a similarly wear-resistant material.


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